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Christopher Jon Luke Dowgin | Boris Loehbig | Dexter
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Vingolf LLC: N.E.W. Ad Council

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Vingolf will approach other Halls to pool together advertising funds, knowledge, and experience to make New England the Premiere Wedding Destination.

N.E.W. , New England Weddings will become an Ad Council with a yearly member appointment board to promote the North Shore of Boston primarily. But in five years, after the original members are entrenched in sales, will spread to cover Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Vermont for profit listings.

Right now Hawaii has that privelidge.75% of all weddings nationally occur in the Fall. Now Hawaii has one season all year round, but what do you think of when you think of the fall?

For your right, New England is the Fall and Weddings will be N.E.W. For just three months a year do we need to make a pooling of collective resources for a big "Punch" on Hawaii. By group marketing a region, N.E.W. will limit national choice to our region through repeated broad exposure. By even contacting Hawaii State board of Tourism we might even be able to work like Pepsi and Coke taste challenge ads in the eighties. We can work together to split the country down the middle as the only choices by a string of humorous attack ads that never mention the other competition. " Would you risk your Apples in brisk new England, Honeymoon in warm Hawaii!" or "Only thing Falling in Hawaii is Coconuts, you would be nuts not to spend your fall Wedding in New England."



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