Chris Dowgin

Born In Princeton NJ and raised in the Pine Barrens. Before he turned 21 he moved to the North Shore above Boston. Spending most of that time in Salem with small stints in Beverly and Danvers.

He is an illustrator, dancer, inventor, gardener, technician, web designer, strategic planner, and musician. His amazing aptitude to hold a conversation with anyone from various backgrounds has helped him and those he has met greatly. Chris' greatest skill is his ability to listen and truly hear. Plus he has the knack to see things and make connections others miss to create new links and inventions. If two words are used to sum him up they would be kindness and creativity.

Chris' first foray into business for himself was as a Life Coach. His next venture was designing a banquet hall and starting a publishing company, so far the publishing company has won. To this date he has writen 13 books; 2 nonfiction and 11 illustrated. His illustrated works bring the whimsey and fantasy of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory together with Alice in Wonderland. His work mixes watercolor, acrylics, graphite, and colored pencils together. His nonfiction works digs deep into the truth and makes connections to history usually overlooked. He finds the personal dynamics between the famous and the average to find the truth to historical events. Also he has an uncanny ability to see how history weaves into a web that leads to some amazing places.

Chris has been working with computers since he was 10 starting with an Apple IIE. He has gone on to repair and install hardware on Apple and Window computers along with making repairs to their operating systems with keen diagnostic abilities. A lack of finance since he was a teenager has brought him to learn to repair his own cars which led him to repairing almost anything that breaks on him.

It was once said Dowgin's goal was to know all 40,000 residents in Salem MA; so far he has only achieved to meet 10% which he calls his friends. At a local music festival he was introduced as the person who you have not met in your first 15 minutes in town something is wrong. His flute and piano music is medatative; his dance painting mixes Keystone Cops, slam dancing, and painting together which he has been performing behind live bands for 25 years.

He welcomes yu to reach out and say hi through email or in person.

Chris Dowgin profile on brick wall Chris Dowgin playing a Mocino flute

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