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Norge Forge

Full Service One Stop Design and Tech Company

We will provide you with soup to nuts. Beginning to end. Norge Forge will create you winning content to be displayed in traditional print to online. A continuous seamless branding to bring awareness that's accessible and mobile. Always using stunning hand crafted illustrations and graphics and superior font handling we will make content that grabs attention and calls the viewer to action!

Norge Forge offers you time honored fine art and classic mastery of type to bring you cutting edge thought provoking imagery. Designs for business print packages, social media campaigns, swag, blogs, and websites. Not only do we create the content we market it for you! Classic promotion mixed with the cutting edge SEO. Clean design, fast delivery, the right keywords, low bounce rate, high conversion, optimum ROI, and answering the questions your clients are asking Norge Forge delivers your content. We can create RSS, podcasts, radio spots, flash, html 5 Canvas, article submission, blog, and video to deliver your message to your clients. Let us create you some amazing interactive campaigns people will talk about!

Also we teach you and your staff what we know so you can implement preliminary strategies to save on the bottom line and time. Eventually we will teach you to do without us and do on your own. Just call us afterward for the high end work. Let your staff learn to do most of the muscle work and save money! Also we are great with the older generation who did not grow up in the technology age. Our extraordinary patience have taught the most recalcitrant students.

Also when every thing breaks, we can fix it! We fix and install hardware! Computers and mobile devices. We install software. We fix registries. Clean viruses. Suggest new purchase that are economical and the most effective. Create and bridge networks. Install wifi. Update operating systems. Create accounting spreadsheets. Teach you to work your device and teach you tricks. Get you utilizing the best features of cloud computing though Amazon Web Services and more!


To contact any of the various companies, please contact them directly by their appropriate email that can be found on their websites.

To contact Chris Dowgin:
PO Box 249
Salem , MA 01970

Any media inquiries about booking Mr. Dowgin for lectures, music venues, book signings, non-profits, Dance Paintings, and consultations please contact Chris with the information above.